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Scott is the Captain of the Podcast Bay Ship. His community adores him, and the information he shares surrounds monetizing podcasts, as well as growing your show. If you plan to use podcasting as a part of your business, he's determined to help you get there.


Jesse is Podcast Bay’s editor and primary producer. Jesse geeks out on audio, technology, and streaming. He’s a part time gaming streamer when he’s not tweaking podcast audio for our amazing clientele. If Podcast Bay produces it, Jesse has had his hands all over it.


Jaclyn is Podcast Bay’s writer. Jaclyn’s gift for weaving words into a story has ultimately lead her on a path to writing fiction novels. Paired with a musically poetic nature and a taste for perfection, she’s taken our clients show notes and our emails to another level


Airial handles Podcast Bay’s tech, integrations and branding. Not only does she create the things we need to run our business, but she makes sure that they look great, and work perfectly. She’s our Tech Angel, and has created our systems and saved our asses on many occasions. To make things even better? She’s a Veteran of the US Army. Every crew needs a veteran set of hands at the ready.